Magic porthole


Walter H. Adey, Ph.D., Director, Marine Systems Laboratory, Smithsonian Institution

Gordon Cragg, Ph.D., former Chief, Natural Products Branch, National Cancer Institute

Sylvia A. Earle, Ph.D., founder of Deep Ocean Engineering

David Ellis, Ph.D., former Director, Boston Museum of Scienc

William Fenical, Ph.D., Director, Center for Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

David Gelernter, Professor, Computer Science, Yale University

Peter R. Haje, former General Counsel and Executive Vice President Time-Warner

Professor Linda Jarvin, Ph.D., Tufts University, Department of Education, Deputy Director, Center for the Psychology of Abilities, Competencies and Expertise (PACE)

Carl-Gustaf Lundin, Head, IUCN Global Marine Programme

Gus Speth, former Dean Yale Forestry and Environmental Studies

Numerous youth are serving as advisors.

Captain Taylor’s children, divers since 5 years old, are Magic Porthole youth advisors.

Special Recognition:

Youth Advisor Ayanna Blaise Simmons is recognized for the contribution of ideas to make Horizon’s Magic Porthole site even more readily accessible for children with learning disabilities and for additional features.

Ayanna Blaise Simmons, Age 9

Watch a video of dolphins playing with sargassum, a seaweed, brought to you by Wild Dolphin

As a lover of dolphins she has gone to Florida to see dolphins. Ayanna suggested adding a video of dolphins playing and other videos.

Watch a video of dolphins playing with sargassum, a seaweed, brought to you by Wild Dolphin.
The Wild Dolphin Project responded to Horizon’s request for a video with a delightful video of dolphins playing with playing with sargassum, a free floating seaweed, and will soon add another dolphin video for Magic Porthole visitors.

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