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Thinking like a fish

To make discoveries and solve mysteries you have to think like a fish.Video clip (Windows Media Player)

The Goby warns the shrimp, who is almost blind, of impending danger by vibrating his tail or dorsal fin. This Goby has just put up his dorsal fin as a warning; the shrimp then disappears immediately into the burrow. (Philippines, Indian Ocean). Video clip (Windows Media Player)

Why do they live together in the same hole in the sand? How do they work together to avoid predators? How do they get their food?
Coco Clownfish hides in a stinging anemone. How is she able to live among the stingers? What would happen if you touched an anemone?

Video clip 1 (Windows Media Player)

Video clip 2 (Windows Media Player)

Magicporthole™ Ecoknowledge Cards
An Exploration Feature: CEE Flash Page A Trip with Drip: The Water Drop
Brought to you by UNEP, TUNZA, and CEE (Center for Environmental Education, India) KidsRGreen program with a focus on Global Climate Change 2008.

CEE is a national institution engaged in developing programmes and material to increase awareness about the environment and sustainable development.

TUNZA is a word in Kiswahili (the common language of most East African countries) that means to "treat with care". The programme is based on a strategy that aims to provide young people with information and tools on how to "treat Mother Earth with care" and how to Act for a better world.

UNEP works in partnership with Children from all over the world. Children are represented by Junior Board which is elected every 2 years during UNEP's TUNZA International Children's Conference.
Grouper George, Boxing Barry, Coco Clown, Moray Melanie, and the Wise Old Emperor help you make discoveries as you explore coral reefs in the Magic Porthole experience.

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