Magic porthole


Make Your Own Compass

What You Will Need:
Sewing needle about one to two inches long
Small bar magnet or refrigerator magnet
A small piece of cork (corks from wine bottles work well, but not the plastic stoppers)
A small glass or cup of water to float the cork and needle
Pair of pliers

Here is a preview of what you will be creating.

What’s Happening
Magnetic fields are areas that contain a force created by moving electrical charges. Earth produces a magnetic field. This field is very weak, but it is sufficient to align magnetized objects - such as your needle - that are free to rotate. By floating the needle on the cork, you allow it to rotate freely so the needle becomes lined up with Earth’s magnetic field, and points toward the north or south pole of the planet.








Motion from the Ocean

Create your own Fish Mobile



What You Will Need

One or more copies of fish “Patterns for Fish Mobiles”
Crayons, colored markers, or colored pencils
Thin cardboard (such as from a cereal box) or poster board
Plastic lid or round piece of cardboard, at least 4 inches diameter
Yarn, string, ribbon, or fishing line, at least 10 feet
A nail, or woodworking awl

Warnings: Be careful with the nail or awl and scissors; they are sharp


Grouper George, Boxing Barry, Coco Clown, Moray Melanie, and the Wise Old Emperor help you make discoveries as you explore coral reefs in the Magic Porthole experience.

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